This time I hair extensions used a lot of elements and inspirations from human hair extensions Shan Hai Jing. I chose a rebellious Chinese clip in hair extensions to highlight this contrast. I changed the Chinese double-ball head into an hair extensions uk asymmetrical double-ball head. ".
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Home Made special

Photos,Prices and Discriptions

Calves liver, red wine, onions & mushrooms

Lamb shank, wine, rosemary & garlic

Breast of duck, wine, cream, black pepper & corn

Pork escalope, marsala wine, mushrooms

Veal escalope, wine, tomato, aubergine

Vea escalope, wine, tomato, cappers & olives

Vea escalope, wine, cream & mushrooms

Breast of chicken, wine, tomato, bacon & onion

Breast of chicken, wine, cream & asparagus

Breast of chicken, wine, tomato, cream & prawns

Fresh fillets of lemon sole filled with crab meat in wine, cream & garlic

Fresh swordfish steak, wine, tomato, garlic

Deep fried white Batt, tartare sauce

Deep fried Calamari, tartare sauce

Fresh king prawns, wine, sweat chilli sauce

Backed courqettes with tomato, mozzaratta cheese

Avocado and smoked samon, hot cheese sauce

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